This system is designed for mixing the two components in 1:1 ratio. With this system you can tailor different size stickers.


We have the pleasure to present you a unique and revolutionary new technology for production of 3D stickers. Regardless of the way of print, you create an exceptional product. The printing technology allows the transformation of a flat printable surface into a three-dimensional sticker with incredible visual effect. This way, the produced 3D sticker has a crystal clear and elastic layer polymerized upon air contact, which intensifies the image and deepens the brightness of the colors.

The material necessary for the production of volumetric stickers has the following characteristics:
  • double component, 100% reactive in room temperature
  • viscosity – 300 mPas
  • average consumption - 1.1+/- 0.1 g/cm
  • Pot life- 120 sec.
  • Surface tack free – 3-4 hours
  • final curing - 12-18 hours
  • package - 1 kg. / component

    Magnetic foil sheets, suitable for production of magnetic stickers in big circulation and easily changeable inscriptions.

    Size - 1010х620 mm
    Thickness - 0.5 mm
    Package - 50 sheets/ box

    The magnetic foil has ISO 9001:2000 certificate and meets the requirements of the European Directive EN 71.

    3D FOIL
    3D sheet is a plastic sheet made by distinctive and precise extrusion with slove and curve on its sheet with a series of vertically aligned, plano-convex, cylindrical lenses called 3D, so that we can see 3D image from this side. The another side is flat and coated on for printing the images

    3D - is the 3D image that can see the object with shape and depth as the real world.
    Flipping is the changing of 2 more images when viewing at the different angles.
    Animation is the changing to show the continuous movement of the image.
    Morphing is the smoothly transform one image to another when moving the picture.
    Twirling is the changing of image by twirling when moving the picture.
    Zooming is the changing of the image from small to bigger in many steps.
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